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Related post: Date: Sun, super young lolita pussy 28 Aug 2005 16:38:04 -0400 (EDT) From: Mitchell Subject: Quality Family Time - Chapter 6(Incest: m/t/b)The following is a fictional story mini lolitas nude girld dreamed up by the writer's overactive imagination, and any similarity to real little lolita 9 yo persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the writer. You may non nude lolita movies distribute this story electronically as you wish with this header intact, and you can print out one copy for your personal use, but any other publication of this material will require the writer's written consent. Comments and especially encouragement are welcome. I've appreciated all your emails so far, keep them coming. Enjoy!Quality Family Time - Chapter 6 A few more months passed, and it was summer tiny lolita preteen nymph again. A preteen lolita bbs teen friend from work had offered Todd the use of his cabin for a weekend, and Todd was eager to turn it into a family trip. Sherry had another idea though. She wanted to see her sister again, and she offered to take Amanda with her. Sherry suggested that the boys might have more fun if it was just the three of them. When their parents filled them in on the details, Aaron felt that familiar tingle of nervous excitement in his stomach. He was certain that he could turn this opportunity into some sexual play with his dad. Their regular home routine provided Aaron with no opportunities to be alone and naked with his dad. That Friday Sherry took off with Amanda in one car, and Todd left work early to pack up the SUV and head off to child models photos lolita the lake with the boys. The coworker's cabin was located on young preteen lolita girls a large lake, set back in a secluded alcove of trees. It had two bedrooms lolitas issues tgp preteendigest and a pull-out couch for a third bed, but the boys agreed to share the bed in the second room. Once they arrived at the cabin, russian lolita message board the boys helped Todd unload the SUV and then immediately begged to go swimming."You can go for a little bit, but remember we have that barbecue in an hour," nude euro preteen lolitas Todd said.His sons russian lolitas angel fire quickly lolita slaves preteen porn jumped into their trunks, grabbed towels, and ran out to the lake. Todd could hear them naked estonian preteen lolitas splashing and horsing around as bdsm lesbico lolitas sexy he unpacked the kitchen supplies they'd brought along.After they'd played young nude women lolitas around for a while, Aaron gestured with his hand for Josh to come close."What?" Josh asked."Let's suck each other," Aaron said."Here?" Josh asked, looking around at the other cabins facing the lake.Aaron surveyed the immediate area."Over there," he said, pointing to a large growth of cattails.Aaron splashed through the water over to it, cutie models nn lolitas and Josh followed. Aaron stood on the shore bbs lolita pic gallery behind them and looked around. The cattails would shield them from the chest down to anyone looking from the other houses."What about dad," Josh asked, looking nervously up at their cabin.There was a clear view from there to where the boys were standing. While Aaron would enjoy getting a blowjob, his main reason in suggesting this reckless behavior was precisely for the reason that he hoped their dad would see."Don't worry about him," Aaron said. "He's busy doing stuff. We'll be quick anyway.""Okay."Aaron pulled down the front of his trunks and exposed his penis. Josh got down on his knees in the soft grass and took his brother's flaccid penis in his mouth. With a few practiced pulls on Aaron's dick, his brother was soon fully hard. Josh started to bob lolitas nude pictures toplist up and down between his legs, sucking and licking the length of his brother's erection.As Josh's mouth brought pleasure to his groin, Aaron furtively glanced back up to the cabin, hoping to see movement any second. Much to his disappointment, Aaron was soon coming in Josh's mouth, and he hadn't noticed anything happening in the cabin.Aaron pulled up his trunks and switched places with his brother. lolita image boards bbs Josh pulled his trunks down to his thighs to reveal lolita russian animal sex his hard dick. Aaron fastened his mouth on it and started to slowly move up and down it.Inside the cabin, Todd noticed that he could no longer hear the nude kids russian lolita boys. Curious, but not worried yet, Todd looked out the window lolita sex preteen pthc to the lake, at the spot where they had been playing earlier. When he didn't see them there, he headed outside and looked around the front of the cabin. preteen lolita models movies Not finding them there either, he circled around 12yo lolita nude gallery the back of the cabin. Then he saw them.As he got over the initial shock of seeing Aaron on his knees with Josh's cock in his mouth, a feeling of fierce protectiveness came over him. He quickly scanned the area to make sure nobody was watching. He continued to keep watch, so erotic lolita model gallery lolli free naked very he could call out a warning if anyone came near.Todd also began to feel lolly pre teen model a little worried. underage 16 nude lolita 7 14 loli pics He wondered little preteens lola model how long this type of thing had been going on between them. lolli brothers horse sale He also wondered and worried that they may have done this with other people. top kds lolitas bbs While they had young lolits modeling nude playtoy lolly preteen model certainly had many sex talks, he had never gotten into the issue of diseases with them. It was clear that it was time for that talk.Josh soon came, and Aaron got to his feet as his brother pulled his trunks back up. With his head now free of Josh's crotch, Aaron again glanced up to the cabin, but couldn't see his dad, who had 16year old topless lolita concealed himself behind the wall."Let's go swimming again," Josh said, running back to the lake.Aaron ran after him. Todd peeked around the side of the house again and watched them run back to photos nudist angelic lolitas the water. Relieved that they were apparently done with lolita little pussy pictuers their exhibitionist activity, Todd headed back into the house and continued to unpack as he thought about how he would tell them what they needed to know.As it drew closer to the barbecue, Todd called them top lolita list girls in to get ready. Then they walked a few doors down to another coworker's place. There they joined her family for a dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs. After dinner, Aaron and Josh joined her children for a board game, and Todd joined her and her husband for drinks.It was quite late when Todd decided to head home. They walked back in the dark, and all went to bed shortly after getting inside the cabin.The next morning Todd cooked a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns. As they were finishing eating, Todd decided it was time to discuss what he'd lolita pics nude gallery seen the previous night."Guys, I need to have a serious talk with you," Todd began. "So all attention on me."His sons cooperated, both sets of eyes warmly focusing on him."Now, I don't want you to be embarrassed. You didn't do russian lolita nudist pictures anything wrong, but I need to talk to you about what you guys were doing by the lake yesterday," he continued.Red spots immediately flared up on Josh's cheeks, and he stopped chewing. Aaron clenched his teeth to prevent himself from smiling."What, Dad? We were just swimming," Josh tried lolita preteen vlad nude to bluff."Not that Josh. It was when Aaron was sucking lolita sex young 14 on you," Todd explained, getting it loli youth top 50 out in top russian preteen lolita the open.Josh blushed even more, and pre lolita in love cast his eyes down."Don't be embarrassed or feel bad lolita girls are hot about it," Todd urged, reaching out and rubbing Josh's back. free skanks pics lolitas "It's okay that you guys are experimenting like that, but there are some things I need to talk nude preteen lolita pthc to you about.""What?" Aaron asked, eager to see where this would lead."Have they taught you about Sexually Transmitted Diseases in school?" Todd asked him."Oh yeah, I learned about that last year," Aaron answered.Josh shook his head."There are some diseases that can make you very sick, and the only way you get pre teen lolita toplist them is by giving someone a blowjob or by having intercourse with them. The disease is passed in the loli tgp bbs rus semen.""You mean I'm going to get sick from sucking Aaron's thing?" Josh asked, his brow furrowing."No, no, no. If it's just you and Aaron, you're safe. Neither one of you is sick with anything like nude preteen underage lolita that. I just need to make sure that preteen loli pussy 12yr you're free nude lolitop galleries very careful about who you choose to do that with," Todd explained."Oh, I only do it with Aaron. I don't want to do it with anyone else," Josh said."Okay, that's good.""You don't have an STD, do you, Dad?" Aaron asked."No. I only have sex with your mom, so I'm healthy," Todd answered."So it would be safe to suck your dick too?" Aaron asked."Uh-technically, yeah, that's right," Todd stammered, and then quickly moved on to discuss more nymphet lolitas baby rompl specifics with them, including the use of condoms. He also made sure to let lolitas sites preteen pay them know that having sex russian lolita sex sites was their own decision, and if anyone ever tried to force them to do anything, they should come tell him or their mom.Eventually Todd had imparted all the information he felt they needed to know, and his boys had asked a few more questions. By that time they had finished eating, and his sons helped clean off that table."I'll wash these dishes and hot young pussy lolita then grab a shower. We can go fishing after that," Todd said."You wanna go swimming now?" Josh asked his brother.Aaron shook his head. "I think I'll read russia loli vlad model for a little bit.""Just be careful if you're in the lake by yourself," Todd said. "Don't go too far out.""Okay," Josh answered, racing to the bedroom to get into his trunks.Aaron followed him into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed. He grabbed his book and opened it to the bookmark, but his eyes had trouble focusing on the words as his mind raced. He knew what he wanted to do next, but his stomach churned as young fresh virgin lolita he debated about whether he would be bold enough to go through with it.After Todd finished with the top cp lolita pics dishes, he passed by Aaron's room and headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Aaron got up and went to the window and saw Josh was standing rivea corymbosa ololiuquis seed just past the shore line, up to his knees in the water. When Aaron heard the water start running in the shower, he waited a minute and then headed to the bathroom.Aaron opened the door and slipped inside. The shower curtain was closed, and Aaron could make out his dad's form washing himself as he cast a shadow against the white curtain. Aaron quickly teens stars magazine lolitas stripped down, and nervously walked toward the end of the bathtub, his erection quivering between his legs."Can I join you," Aaron asked, pulling the curtain aside.Todd, startled, just blinked at him, but then nodded as russia lolita school girls he continued rub soap along his arm."Sure, hop in," Todd said.Aaron's eyes devoured the sexy image of his dad's trim, muscular body as he climbed into the tub. He pulled the curtain shut, and moved to join his dad under the water. Todd slid over to allow them to share the water. He noticed Aaron's erection but didn't lolita preteen boy pthc think anything of it since practically every time he saw Aaron naked, he was erect. 'Teenagers,' Todd thought wistfully.They shared the soap, and Aaron started washing up, as Todd moved on loli teen 10 15 to young preteen lol bbs his belly and groin. Aaron eagerly watched as Todd's hands slid over his penis and pubic hair as he cleaned himself. Then Todd free preteenlolita vagina picture turn toward the spray, and the soap suds were washed away."Can I wash your back?" Aaron asked."Okay," Todd answered, turning to offer Aaron access to his back.Aaron lathered up his hands and then little lolita pictures tgp slowly ran them over the ls models lolitas child back of his dad's shoulders, and then down its V-shaped expanse to his narrow waist. Then lolitas 10 years anal Aaron slid his hands over his dad's blonde lolita image board firm ass, caressing the flesh there, a lolita young doll and getting soap in between each cheek where there was a dusting of hair.Eager to feel more of his dad, Aaron moved in closer and slid his hands around his dad's waist to his front. His fingertips found the bush of pubic hair, and then preteens lolitas virgins models his right hand slid lower, sliding his palm over the thick tube of meat until he reached the head. Then he slid his hand back to the base.Aaron played with his dad's dick for asian lolita 10yo girl a little while, caressing it and gently tugging on it until it soon lengthened to its six-inch erection."Turn around, so you can wash off your back," Aaron suggested, gently pushing his dad's body with his hands as he erotic lollita rape stories said this.Todd turned, and the water hit his back, cleaning off the soap suds. Now Aaron could see his dad's erection as it jutted straight out from his body. Aaron afican underage nude lolitas started to kneel down in the tub in front of him, licking his lips in excitement as he thought about taking that big dick in his mouth.When Aaron started to get to his knees, Todd panicked a little as he realized what Aaron planned sweet little lolita nude to do. He wasn't sure if he should allow this. A blowjob seemed to be magic lolita free nude going too far. But how could he reject his son without hurting his feelings? He hated to be the first one to give his son any negative memories about sex that might affect his sex life later.Aaron's lips closed over the head of Todd's erection. He young lolitas litle teens pressed his tongue against the underside of his dad's penis, and then slid some more into his mouth. lolita illegal bbs vombat Aaron licked the underside of his cock, right at the point where the head disappeared into the shaft. He knew there was an especially sensitive point there.Todd couldn't believe how good Aaron's mouth was making him feel. It had been a long time since he'd last had a blowjob. When he and Sherry russian lolita preteensex bbs had dated, she would occasionally give oral sex, but it had been very mechanical, and she had done bbs lolit apre teen it more like she felt obligated rather than out of any passion. After a few years of marriage, tiny teen lolita model she had just stopped blowing him all young preteen lolita teen together.Aaron continued to slowly feed more of his dad's cock into his mouth, swiping the underside with his tongue. Sucking on his dad was so different from doing his brother. His dad's cock was much thicker and russian preteen nymph lolita longer. There was more area to play with and to try and get in his mouth. Once he'd taken a little over half into his naughty girls loli hentai mouth, Aaron felt the head touch the roof of his mouth in back. Disappointed, Aaron decided that was all he could take in without choking.He proceeded to slide back up to the head, and then quickly forced back in as much of his cock as he could. Aaron applied a small amount of suction, and his tongue alternated between applying pressure youngest preteen lolitas nudes to bd sisters loli pics the underside of his cock and licking at different spots or preteen lolita girls naked swirling around the head.This was unlike any blowjob Todd had ever had. Aaron's enjoyment and enthusiasm were obvious. Todd realized his practice with Josh had really paid off too. Todd could feel his orgasm building under this amazing treatment, and Aaron then started to pick up speed. strawberry loli swim gallery Todd felt lolitas collection top angel himself get ready to come."Okay, buddy," Todd gasped. "You better move off, cuz I'm gonna cum."Aaron just continued to bob up and down between his legs. Todd took this as permission to lolita cum nymphet video cum in his mouth."Awww, fuck!" Todd shouted as he came. The intensity of his orgasm was incredible.He shot several spurts of semen into Aaron's mouth. Aaron topless 100 preteen loli eagerly swallowed them, nude lollita gymnast naturist having mentally prepared 11yr lolita download nude himself for this part. Then Todd slipped his dick out of his mouth as the head became too sensitive for any more stimulation. freedom web bbs lolita A strand of semen dropped from the slit to the tub floor."How was it?" Aaron asked, getting to his feet."Oh, that was very good," Todd assured him, chuckling.Impulsively, Aaron pressed against his magic lolita free pics dad and pressed his lips against his dad's lips. Todd kissed him back, and then they separated.Todd looked best lolita cp sites down between Aaron's legs. "It looks like you need a little relief too."Aaron grinned.Todd placed his hands on his son's shoulders and gently turned him around. Then he tiny lolita no nudes pulled him into his body so Aaron's back and butt were pressed against Todd's chest and groin. Todd slid his right hand between Aaron's legs and wrapped his hand around Aaron's erection. Todd slid his left arm under Aaron's left armpit and slid across his chest to start playing with his right nipple.There was no slow build up to this jerk off session. Todd's hand was already quickly flogging Aaron's cock, and Aaron immediately responded by bucking his hips in time with Todd's stroking. Soon Aaron was tensing up, and Todd gripped his son tightly. Aaron came, and a couple spurts of semen shot out his dick to drip onto the tub floor.Very pleased with himself, and sexually sated, Aaron turned around and smiled at his dad. Todd smiled back. They finished their shower in a contented silence.Copyright 2005 Mitchell Knight
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